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Looks Like I am Staying in the Redhawk Ward with Elder Holfeltz

Hey Everyone!

Another fantastic week has gone by! It started off pretty slow but it seems like by the end of the week things tend to start picking up. I think that the best part of my whoKia, and Cameron all came to church on Sunday and they loved it. The person teaching Relief Society told us afterwards that she actually changed her lesson plan like five times and at the end of the meeting, Kia was crying and came up to her and told her that that was exactly what she needed. Also, in Elders Quorum, they talked about Home teaching which Jeff pretty much already does with his next door neighbor that he is friends with. Jeff also said that he is going to go to the Softball games that the Elders Quorum is playing! It is so great when the members show such love and support for our investigators.

le week was that our investigators, Jeff,

Also this past Sunday I was able to go over to the Traconis' and share a meal with them and celebrate their daughter and Bro. Traconis' mom's Birthday! It is so cool to be able to get to know how awesome our members are!

I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve and to be a part of other's conversions process. I know that as we work hard, we will be blessed and we will find success for everything.I know that the Book of Mormon was written for our time, I have found so many answers to my questions as I have read from the Book of Mormon and prayed to my Father in Heaven. I know that as we continue to serve others and share this amazing gospel that means so much to us, we will be blessed and things will work out. I know that this is Christ's church restored on the Earth today and I am so grateful to be a part of it!

Thank y'all for all of your love and support!

I love and miss y'all!
Elder Rudd
Harry Potter Wand 
(one of the members went his for their Birthday)

Trying on glasses...I look a little different! 

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