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Trunk or Treat and Investigators Wanting to Get Baptized

Hey Everyone,

This week was great! I learned so much and I had so much fun!

So this week we had the Trunk or Treat and we were able to get quite a few investigators out to it and help them to enjoy it. Also we are able to decorate one of the councilers in the bishoprics car and hand out candy which really helped me to learn the Ward even better.

So the climax of the week was on Wednesday when we were able to have our lesson with Kia and Jeff. So we were teaching them the Law of Tithing and at the end she was like, " so can we do the next lesson?" That was Law of Chasity and she pretty much taught us the Law of Chasity and then we were able to move on to the Word of Wisdom and teach her about that one. During that lesson, she told us that she wanted to get baptized, she just wanted to finish the Book of Mormon and get more involved in the church before she did. My companion and I were both super excited to hear that!

Also, we found out that she knows quite a few members of the church than I think she realized and they have been helping her in many ways to feel of Heavenly Father's love for her.

I know that through the Book of Mormon, we can come to a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel. I know that Christ's chirch has been restored today to the Earth and what a blessing it is that we have that knowledge. I know that we have a living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson that leads and guides us. I know that as we continue to do the small and simple things such as saying our prayers, reading the scriptures and going to church, our testimony will be strengthened and we will be blessed!

There is also an awesome video that I would recommend to anyone who would like to feel the Spirit and Christ's love for them. It is called Missionary Work and the Atonement. Just search that on youtube.

I love and miss y'all!

Elder Rudd

Corn Maze - Zone Activity

E. Cattich, E. Wight, E. Gantner, E. Ellis , E. Bunndy, E. Rudd, E. Kesler, E. Halsey, E. Patton, E. Anderson, E. Holfeltz, E. Richards, E. Wimmer, E. Parkinson, E. Yanncy, E. Denbow, E. Acosta, E. Talbot
Sis. Petterborg, Sis. Timmons, Sis. Odette, Sis. Grant, Sis. Mitchell, Sis. Watson

Elder Gantner, Elder Rudd, Elder Holfeltz

Back Row: Elder Patton, Elder Cattich, Elder Rudd, Elder Anderson
Being held up: Elder Richards
On the Ground: Elder Holfeltz

Trunk or Treat
(Our Trunk)

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