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Monday, September 26, 2016

The End of My Time Here in the Fallbrook 2nd Ward

Also if you haven't already heard, I am getting transferred to the Redhawk Ward in Temecula and my new companion will be Elder Holfeltz. 

One really cool thing that happened was that we were able to go to the Mormon Battalion! Which is super cool and a place that I would definitely recommend to anyone who has the chance to go! The Spirit can be felt very strong there and there is so much that the Mormon Battalion did that I had no idea they went through.

This week we also had a really cool experience where we were listening to the Spirit and we were put in the right place at the right time. It all started when we went to go and see one of our investigators but he was too tired to meet so we were walking back down the hill and I felt like we should stop by this member that lived in the same complex. At first I was like, he is active, why do we need to stop by, it is already late and then this thought popped into my head and it said, "You told me you would act on the prompting I give you." So I turned to Elder Adams and said that I felt like we should go to this house so we did and come to find out, he had just lost his job and was about to move but had a really bad back and was stressing about what he was going to do. We felt like we should share a message of hope and faith and then we offered to help him move and he was super appreciative of it. Then we went to go and see Nita as we always do and as we were walking up the hill to her place, I felt like we should stop by one of our investigators, Beverly and Christian, who live by there and so I said to myself that we would stop by after we saw Nita. So we went and saw Nita and what normally would have taken an hour took only 15 minutes because she was not feeling well. So we asked if she wanted a blessing and we gave her one and the next day she was feeling so much better. So after we left there I felt again that we should go and see Beverly and Christian and then Elder Adams told me that he felt like we should too and I had not told him that I felt that way yet. So we stopped by there and Beverly told us that she works on Sundays so she hasn't been able to come but she would love to go to Church in Escondido which is closer to where she works. We then got in touch with the missionaries there so that they can help her feel welcome. That was such a great night and both Elder Adams and I felt the Spirit so strong!

I know that if you follow the Spirit then everything will work out. I do not know what I would do if I didn't have the Spirit leading and guiding me! I know that this is Christ's Church restored here on the Earth. If you cant believe it, then ask God and I know that He will tell you! I know that God answers our prayers, it just takes us having the faith that He will answer and that we are willing to accept what His answer even if it is not what we wanted. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that through it, you can become closer to Jesus Christ and God than by any other way.  

Thank y'all for all of your love and support!

I love and miss y'all! 

Elder Rudd

Mormon Battalion Site
Elder Madero, Elder Sanders, Elder Sharp
Idk, Elder Arellano, Elder Patton, Elder Adams, ELder Rudd, Elder Willard
Elder Martinez, Elder Emerick
Hna. Parris, Hna. Mendez Rodriguez, Hna. Young, Sis. Thomas, Pres. Thomas

District Picture
Sis. Dailey, Sis. Froisland, Elder Winegar, Elder Castleton, Elder Romney, Elder Major, Elder Rudd

Mormon Battalion

Saying Goodbye to the Rodriguez Family

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