Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Hey Everyone!

I hope y'all had a great week! I know that I did!

This week we had quite a few things happen. First off on Monday I was able to place a Spanish Book of Mormon which was really cool. I asked her if she would like to learn more and she said yes so we had to run back to our apartment to get her one. When the Spanish Elders called her, she said she didn't have time to meet because she was so busy reading the Book of Mormon! Hopefully the Spanish Elders are able to teach her sometime soon.

Then on Tuesday I went to the doctor to get checked out after the crash and they gave me a clean bill of health which was good. Now I can say that I got checked out and I am fine.

So this week has been pretty hot, maybe I am just noticing it since now we are biking up big hills and walking around a lot but it has been hot. One of the days however, when we went out to run, it was a little bit humid and I was so excited! I could've ran in that for miles! It felt so great!!

On Wednesday we went on over to Nita's house because it was her 76th Birthday! She was so excited to see us because she thought we were going to come the next day when we usually do but we decided to come early since it was her Birthday! She is such a great lady and she has such awesome stories.

So update on our investigators, first off Rachel was not able to come to church because of a dental issue she had. However she is still planning on getting baptized, she will just have to wait until the following week but that is fine. I am not worried about her. She is awesome!

We also were able to teach the Plan of Salvation lesson on the spot to someone and the next day we saw him on the street and asked him how his reading of the pamphlet went and he said it went well. He said that he had a good feeling and that he wanted to learn more. He even mentioned the additional scriptures in the back that he wanted to read but didn't have a Bible or Book of Mormon so we got him a copy so that he could study it. We also have a lesson set up with him this week and are excited to be able to teach him about The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also were able to teach this one family that we met on the street about our message. We were walking by and we stopped to talk to her and she said that she wanted to hear out testimonies so we told her them and then we prayed with them. After that the 17 year old daughter, Kiana, said she wanted to learn more and asked if she could have all of the pamphlets. So I gave her all of them and gave her a brief explanation of them all. We are going to be going to see her and her family tonight! I am so excited!

I know that this Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is exact same Church that Christ established when He was here on the Earth. I know that the prophet Joseph Smith restored that Church back on this Earth and that he translated the Book of Mormon which are ancient records of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. I know that if we read the Book of Mormon with real intent and ask Heavenly Father with a softened heart, He will manifest the truth of it unto you that it is true. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve here and that I am given the privilege to see lives change for the better!

Thank you for all of your love and support!

I love and miss y'all!!

Elder Rudd
Visiting Nita on her Birthday.

The wall above my desk.
(I love quotes)

Heading out.

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