Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hola Everyone,

This week has been pretty good. There were many things that happened and it was a good old fun week. So first off, I got cleared to drive the car this week, which was great. It was actually pretty interesting the first day I was driving, since I hadn't driven in like 6 weeks, but after the first day of driving it all came back and I am driving like normal.

Another thing that happened this week was that Elder Clark of the Quorum of the Seventy came to stake conference and while Elder Miles and I and the Sisters were just sitting around waiting on our dinner that was at the church, he came up and shook our hand and talked to us, which was pretty neat. He was a great speaker and I learned so much from him, like how as we study the scriptures, there are many blessings that come from it.

Also while we were sitting at the church both on Saturday and Sunday, we were able to find two new investigators and we have lessons with them today and tomorrow.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and that I have been able to help others either come back to church or by teaching them more about the church. It was really neat to see Matteo who was the first person that I had a lesson with; come back to church and go to all of the activities that we have during the week. He has truly changed over the weeks that I have been here and I know that that is because of the Spirit that he has been able to feel when going to church! I know that there is an incredible Spirit that comes from going to church and that as we do so we are blessed. Thank y'all for all of your support and love!

Elder Rudd

So on Wednesday we went out on Splits and I went with Matteo which was great in and of itself since he is coming to all of these events. Anyways, we met a homeless man and he told us that it was his birthday and that he was 44. He also said that he has read the entire Book of Mormon and that he had a few questions. Matteo helped me understand some of his Spanish and then at the end he asked if we would sing happy birthday to him so that's what we did. We sat there and sang happy birthday to him on the street and that was so great. It made our day!!

I love y'all and look forward to talking to you next week!!!

Elder Rudd

It looks like there are more hills
in California than Florida.

If I could only remember what I had to learn
for the cooking merit badge

A little goofing off.

Vista Zone

I found a little bench just like is at home.

Beautiful sunset

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