Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What a Week!

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome! We saw so many miracles!

The first story I want to share with you is a story about how I was able to grow my testimony even stronger of how God has His hand in all things. So it started off with us going to track down a referral that we got from the Fallbrook 1st Ward sisters. This referral was a bit further out in our area so we got a ride from a member of our ward. All we had was their name and directions to their house. Well we spent about 45 minutes looking for this house but could not find it, we asked the neighbors and everyone around and no one seemed to know. So our member, Bro. Erard, thought we should stop by a member that knows the area pretty well. So we went over to his place to talk with him and he wasn't there. We then called him and he mentioned a less active member who was in the area, which we had actually planned as a back up to go and see that night. Anyways, we knock on this members door and he invites us in almost immediately. We sat down and we talked with him and his wife for a little while and found out that he had never lost his testimony and had been waiting for someone from the church to stop by. He told us that night that he wanted to come back to church and that he would. He also said that he would like us to teach his wife the missionary discussions as she is not a member of the church and he would like to be a part of that as well. It was a very spiritual meeting and I am so glad that we were able to listen to the Spirit to direct us to this wonderful home!

Another miracle that happened was when we were able to meet with our investigator, Don! We have been meeting with him for about 2 months now and originally he said he would get baptized in 6 months but we were teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he realized that he didn't always have to be perfect and that it was okay to mess up because of the Atonement. After he realized that and the Spirit testified to him that he could get baptized, he turned to us and said, "You guys have yourself a deal, I will get baptized." We set a date with him for September 24th and we are excited for him!

I know that this church is led by Christ Himself. He is at the head of this church and that His hand is in all things! I know that we have a prophet that is called of God and that he is the mouthpiece for God. I know that with the Spirit, we can accomplish all things and that as we rely on it, it will help us to a line our will with God's will. I know that the Book of Mormon is true because I feel the Spirit as I read from it and it confirms to me of its truthfulness.

Thank you for all of your love and support!

I love and miss y'all!
Elder Rudd

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