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Has it Really Been 5 Months?!

Hey Everyone!
This week was a pretty great week! The highlight of the week was for sure being able to go to the temple! We went to the temple on Wednesday and it is great to be able to go to the temple because it gives me that spiritual re boost that I need. So on the way to the temple we got a call from the second councilor in the bishopric's wife asking if we could give Bro. Remsburg a blessing because he had just had a heart attack. As I heard this I immediately thought about my dad and my grandma that have both had heart attacks. That one hit home for me. We let her know that we could not, since we were already on our way to the temple and had our bishop go over to give the blessing. He is doing well and is at home resting right now.
We also had a lesson this week with a former investigator named Gabby and her mom Sue. We were able to have a really spiritual lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation and how they will see their son and brother that they lost 6 years ago. Their whole view on us and on God completely changed after we had the lesson with them. It is so amazing to see how the Spirit can have such an impact on those that truly want to know the truth.
So I have also had a couple of Spiritual experiences this week. The first one was when I was going to a potential investigators house and we knocked on the door around 7 PM and as soon as I knock on the door I get this sick feeling like we needed to leave there right then. I decided to wait a little bit longer and then the same feeling came again so I told Elder Urey that we should go. We walked down the street pretty fast and then once I got in the car I told Elder Urey how I felt and he said that he felt the same way. Though I do not know why the Spirit told me to leave, I do know that because I followed the promptings of the Spirit, I was most likely kept from harms way.
I have a testimony of the Spirit and how it can influence our lives for the better. The hardest part for me was recognizing whether or not I was feeling the Spirit or if that was just me. I realized that as I acted on the promptings, I began to get more promptings and am now better able to recognize when the Spirit is prompting me to do things. My challenge is for y'all to try and recognize the Spirit more fully in your life and when you get those promptings to act on them.
I hope y'all have a great week!!
I love and miss all of y'all!!
Elder Rudd
San Diego Temple Trip

Vista Zone Photo
(missing a few Sisters that had already entered the Temple)

Elder Madero,Elder Steiner, Elder Groesbeck, Elder Le Tendre, Elder Talbot, Elder Wilson(ZL)
Elder Running, Elder Mangus, Elder Quinney, Elder Saxey,Elder Rudd, Elder Urey, Elder Marchand
Sister Benware, Sister Prather, Elder Ellis(ZL)

Those that were already inside were Sister Call, Sister Middleton, and Sister Shaw.

San Diego Temple
(The flowers changed since the last visit)

San Diego Temple

Elder Rudd
2nd San Diego Temple trip since arrival to California

Selfie at the San Diego Temple

Truck covered with Corona bottle caps!
The Word of Wisdom lesson may be a challenge.
Cheaper than a paint job?

Elder Rudd's new found friend - a slug

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