Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey Everyone!!

This week was great! So, on Wednesday we had a really neat experience. We picked up this new investigator named Rachel last Sunday and we were able to teach her. She had some pretty deep questions for us and had done her research on what she thought was true about our Church, but by the end she had learned the truth about what we really believe.  We started off the lesson teaching the Restoration to her. It went well and we were even able to teach this guy that was sitting next to us at another table. She had this question about eternal marriage and it was so great because we were a little stumped because of the way she was wording it, so the guy that was sitting next to us gave us a scripture from the bible and it helped her to better understand what we were trying to teach her. That man then thanked us for letting him listen and pretty much bore witness to Rachel that the things we were teaching were true. This man was not a member of our Church.  I think that he just felt the Spirit as we were going over The First Vision and knew of its truthfulness. Then Rachel said to us, I was thinking about just reading The Book of Mormon, cover to cover. We did not even invite her to do that yet and she said that she would do that! It was such a neat experience and we are going to be meeting with her sometime this week as well. She even said that she will make sure to watch General Conference this week too! 

Some other great things that happened this week is that I was able to give a baptismal interview for this awesome lady named Johnna. She was baptized in the 10th Ward the other day. Afterwards, we were able to hold some of their puppies, they were so cute.

We also got to go and help a family out with their tree and moving some cut logs out of their driveway. It felt so good to get my hands dirty and a little rough again. I miss working with stuff like that but I know this is where I need to be right now. 

All of our investigators are doing well! We have a meeting with Joey, Justin, and Monti tonight after FHE and are excited to have a lesson with them.

We also got a new investigator yesterday named Evan who said that he wanted to learn more about the church and so we will be meeting with him on Wednesday.

I hope that y'all have a great week!

I love y'all! 

Elder Rudd

Johnna's puppies
Johnna was recently baptized in the 10th Ward.

Elder Rudd getting some "Mission Approved" love.

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